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Salt Monster "Nessie"

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Salt Monsters are strange beasties, found in your kitchen, usually next to the stove. And they looooove salt. Nessie longs for the sea and wants her fill of kosher or flaky salt.

These whimsical kitchen accessories are based on the "salt pig", a vessel that is popular among French cooks. They allow you to keep loose salt next to the stove, and dispense it either by finger-pinch, or using the included tongue-spoon (about 3/4 tsp).

Size: 5"l x 4"w x 6"h. Holds 1 cup of kosher salt.
Suitable for cooks with large hands.

If you live in the Portland area and want to pick this up from my NE Portland studio, use the discount code LOCALPICKUP at checkout to avoid paying shipping.

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