How can I keep up with new items you have and shows you're doing?

Follow my blog, Facebook, Instagram Twitter account.

I live in Oregon and would like to pick up my purchase from your NE Portland studio.  How do I avoid paying shipping?

Use the code LOCALPICKUP at checkout.  I will contact you with pickup details and timing.

How long does it take to ship items once I've ordered them?

Up to three weeks, depending on my studio schedule.  Since I ship UPS or USPS ground, you'll then receive your items in two to four weeks.  If you have a date you can't afford to miss (e.g. birthday, Hanukkah, etc.) then please make sure to let me know via the contact form!

Why is your shipping so darned expensive?

In order to avoid breakage in transit, I need to pack each item with two kinds of padding in a heavy box.  This costs a bit.  Also, US shipping costs have doubled in the last few years ... the shipping cost reflects my actual postage cost.

Do you ship to other countries?

Not normally, since shipping internationally (even to Canada) is very expensive and I can't guarantee against breakage the way I can for shipping in the US.  If you really really want something, though, contact me and we'll work it out.

What happens if I don't like the item I've received?

Any item you've ordered from may be returned intact for a refund, less shipping costs.  For pottery, this requires you to ship the item back correctly packed in its original packaging.

The pottery you sent me arrived broken.

If something I sent you was broken during shipping to you, you may send me a picture of the broken item next to its packing materials, and I will either refund your full purchase price, or replace the item, depending on available inventory.  You must make shipping breakage claims within 2 weeks of receiving the item.

What do the sizes mean?

Each item has sizing listed either as "diameter" and "height" for round items, and "length, width, and height" for other items.  For functional vessels, I also list capacity.

For example:

Size: 4"d x 4.5"h, 17oz

... is an item that is about 4 inches diameter and 4 and 1/2 inches tall, and holds 17oz of liquid.  Note that all measurements are approximate and rounded to the nearest half-inch.  For round items with handles, the handle is not included in the measurements.

What are the numbers I can see in some photos?

Those are item numbers from my spreadsheet-driven inventory system.

Do you make custom orders?

Yes.  Contact me using the contact form.  Custom orders generally take 6 to 10 weeks from the time we agree on an item, and orders requiring a custom stamp may take longer. Also, custom orders are generally a bit more expensive than premade ceramics.  For ideas of the kinds of things I make, see my SmugMug Gallery.

Do you really make all of this stuff completely by hand?

I do.  In fact, for a lot of the pottery, I hand-made the tools I use to make the pottery (except the potter's wheel, of course!)  I also mix most of my own glazes.  For slab and sculpture items, I sometimes use original molds which I made from originals I sculpted.  For example, most of the banana slugs are from a set of original molds I made, and then hand-altered.

Where is your studio?

In NorthEast Portland, Oregon, near my house.

Can I drop by your studio to visit?

Not until 75% of the population is immunized against COVID, sorry.

Is the pottery food/microwave/dishwasher safe?

Yes, unless the description has a specific note otherwise.  Some ware is fired to 2200F, making it "mid-fire stoneware", and other ware is fired to 2380F, which is "high-fire stoneware".  This makes them safe for microwave and dishwasher, and even to go into the oven.  The base glazes I use on the insides of pieces and other food surfaces were tested by me or others for mineral leaching, and do not contain lead or cadmium.  Note, however, that repeated or rapid temperature changes can cause pottery to crack due to thermal shock -- don't do anything with my pottery that you wouldn't do with Pyrex.

A few items are marked as "not recommended for dishwasher" because they have decorative elements than can be easily chipped or broken in the dishwasher.

Why FuzzyChef?  Are you a chef?

I used to be a pastry chef many years ago, and I'm still an avid amateur cook.  As for the "fuzzy" part, well, take a look at my photo.

Why banana slugs?

Because I like them.  They're a quinessential Northwest animal, and look good on pottery.  They especially work well on soap dishes; the soap slime looks good on a slug.  Before you ask: no, I didn't attend UC Santa Cruz.

What's that mark on the bottom of the pot?  

Many professional potters have a symbol, or "chop" which they sign their pieces with.  Mine is a capital letter "J" from a calligraphy alphabet I designed back when I was doing a lot of calligraphy.