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Trimming Tools, set of 6

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Set of six bent metal trimming tools. These tools are ideal for trimming leather-hard or drier clay, and are even useful if you accidentally let your piece get too dry. The variety of shapes help you get exactly the foot you're looking for.

I made these for my own pottery; they are what I use for trimming. These are the extras. This set, together with the plate scraper and a simple wire loop, are my full set of trimming tools.

Set includes: small square, large square, acute triangle, right-angle triangle, semicircle, and slab knife.

All tools are made of coated steel strapping salvaged from Pacific lumberyards, so these tools are even "green". They are handmade by me in my father-in-law's metal shop in the Oregon woods. Handles are wrapped paracord. The cup is not included. Handles are available in red paracord (pictured) or blue.

Note: Since tools are handmade, the set you get may vary slight in appearance from the set picture. For some tools, the strapping steel is brown instead of black.